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AECOM was involved in the construction of 179 km of highway
English Section Publicat de Elena Icleanu 01 Mar 2016 17:26
AECOM Ingenieria, the architecture and engineering company, expanded its expertise in the areas of oil and gas and in structural, electrical and mechanical engineering after the North-American group AECOM took over the assets of the URS Corporation US group. Following the transaction, both turnover and the number of employees within AECOM doubled, while the experience in the above fields, generated by working with international corporations like ConocoPhillips, Qatargas, Pringles or Caterpillar, positioned AECOM through the top engineering companies in Romania. North American group is active in Romania since 2002, when it took over two local companies: Inocsa Ingenieria Romania and Savant Project.
During the last 5 years, AECOM was involved in the design and supervision of 179 km of motorways, more than half of the 332 km of highway built in Romania from 2011 until now. These include the highway sector between Orăştie and Sibiu (AECOM provided design services for lots 1 and 2), Lugoj-Deva (design for lots 1 and 2, respectively supervision for lot 4), Timişoara-Lugoj (design of the second lot) and Deva-Orăştie (supervision). In addition, AECOM provides design services for the third lot of Sebeş-Turda highway and drafts the feasibility studies for the highways Sibiu-Făgăraş and Târgu Mureş - Ditrău. Regarding the water supply and sanitation, the company provides project management for implementation of the treatment plant in Glina, but also to expand networks in several counties, among which are Bistriţa-Năsăud, Argeş, Sibiu, Braşov and Mureş. Another major project refers to the extension of Pirelli tire factory in Slatina, where AECOM provides project management and supervise the construction works. There will be built several buildings and warehouses with an area of over 50,000 square meters. 
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