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17 Mar 2014 stire protejata AFI EUROPE: New projects planned by the most dinamic local developer
17 Mar 2014 stire protejata ANALYSIS: HVAC equipment market is in the third consecutive year of stabilization
17 Mar 2014 stire protejata EDITORIAL: Nothing good is foreseeable yet on the curtain wall segment
17 Mar 2014 stire protejata EDITORIAL: No economic stimulation for the construction sector
28 Feb 2014 stire protejata PRODUCERS & SUPPLIERS: Domestic companies diversify their export activity in 2014
28 Feb 2014 stire protejata REHAU: Pole position in the recovery race of the window industry
28 Feb 2014 stire protejata ANALYSIS: The profiles suppliers lead their businesses under uncertainty
27 Feb 2014 stire protejata PVC: The assemblies totalize above 60% of the market
27 Feb 2014 stire protejata FENSTERBAU/FRONTALE: New products affluence at the Bavarian trade fair
27 Feb 2014 stire protejata CORPORATIONS: Difficult business climate in Europe
27 Feb 2014 stire protejata ANALYSIS: Moderately optimistic forecasts for the market of paints and varnishes
26 Feb 2014 stire protejata CONSTRUCTION: The projects selected by Chinese officials exceed 16.5 billion EUR
26 Feb 2014 stire protejata METROREX: Investments of nearly 6 billion EUR planned until 2020
26 Feb 2014 stire protejata ANALYSIS: Demand for finishing materials will still be due to renovations
26 Feb 2014 stire protejata CONTRACTORS: The construction market will not exceed 10 billion EUR in 2014
25 Feb 2014 stire protejata CIROM: About 20% of cement deliveries reach infrastructure projects
25 Feb 2014 stire protejata PRODUCERS: Signs indicating the revival in sales of materials are appearing
25 Feb 2014 stire protejata PRO BCA: Annual sales of BCA with a value of 70 million EUR
25 Feb 2014 stire protejata ANALYSIS: Favorable conditions for the development of the construction market
07 Ian 2014 PROJECTS: Investment budget of 9 billion EUR for 2014
03 Ian 2014 PRODUCERS: The prices of construction materials will increase by 10% in 2014
31 Dec 2013 TOP: Suppliers invest in order to increase market share
30 Dec 2013 TOP: The construction market needs 10 billion EUR in 2014
27 Dec 2013 ANALYSIS: A better year expected for the construction software market
11 Dec 2013 TOP: Consolidation of the main brands of systems used for manufacturing windows
11 Dec 2013 TOP: The glazing market situation is similar with the joinery sector
11 Dec 2013 TOP: Stability for the businesses of the main joinery assemblies producers
10 Dec 2013 PASSIVE HOUSES: Increase of the companies’ interest for sustainable products
10 Dec 2013 ANALYSIS: Different trends for software, sealants and accessories suppliers
10 Dec 2013 PRODUCERS: The results of the companies continue to be heterogeneous
09 Dec 2013 TOP: Construction industry leaders expect business increases
04 Dec 2013 ANALYSIS: Present and future for a wayward industrial sector
04 Dec 2013 SRAC: European performance for a Romanian certification company
04 Dec 2013 ANALYSIS:Increase of the companies’ interest for sustainable products
03 Dec 2013 KLAES: Exports are the main driving force of the joinery industry
03 Dec 2013 EVENT: Rosenheimer Fenstertage 2013 - the summit of window's experts
02 Dec 2013 STEELMET: About 40% market share on the aluminium panels sector
08 Oct 2013 SUPPLIERS: Negative outlook for the businesses of big European players
08 Oct 2013 ANALYSIS: The construction market is under 4 billion EUR in the first semester
08 Oct 2013 PROJECTS: The application of developers’ plans can end the economic crisis
07 Oct 2013 SUSTAINABILITY: Enhanced application of durable business principles
07 Oct 2013 PRODUCERS: Slight recovery of the activity of companies from the 2'nd semester
07 Oct 2013 ANALYSIS: The certification of construction is affected by recession
07 Oct 2013 ARCON: Declining trends on the coatings and paints markets
04 Oct 2013 ARCHITECTURE: The ecological design will influence the future urban layout
04 Oct 2013 ANALYSIS: The geopolitical risks divert the business plans of companies
04 Oct 2013 KNAUF INSULATION: Modern solutions for the insulation of façades
04 Oct 2013 PRODUCERS: Growth rate stabilization for the local materials manufacturing
03 Oct 2013 ADEPLAST estimates sales of over 50 million EUR
03 Oct 2013 ANALYSIS: Unfavorable premises for the insulation market at the end of 2013
03 Oct 2013 EXPORT: The orientation of firms is visibly consolidating
03 Oct 2013 PUBLIC WORKS: Under-bided and always challenged by contractors
02 Oct 2013 MCA GRUP: Orientation towards international markets
02 Oct 2013 ANALYSIS:Sustainable constructions include performing window structures
02 Oct 2013 T & C: The future of the construction field is oriented on energy
01 Oct 2013 ANALYSIS:Curtain wall structures - between performance and compromises
01 Oct 2013 EDITORIAL: Joinery companies need the local market demand
01 Oct 2013 T & C: The market is moving towards high performance technologies
01 Oct 2013 ANALYSIS: Sustainability - a fading fashion or the last chance for recovery
05 Sep 2013 ANALYSIS: Shipments abroad stimulates the market of panels and door accessories
04 Sep 2013 EXPORTS constitute a solution for doors manufacturers
04 Sep 2013 ARCHITECTURE: The Office - the newest office building in Cluj-Napoca
04 Sep 2013 INFO-SITES: Diversification of private investments in the second semester
04 Sep 2013 BUILDING MATERIALS: The exports support the local production
03 Sep 2013 ANALYSIS: The industry of electrical installations remains dependent on price
03 Sep 2013 MANUFACTURERS choose to develop the central business lines
03 Sep 2013 COILPROFIL will invest in the opening of a new production line
03 Sep 2013 CONTRACTORS: A new year of contraction for the construction market is expected
02 Sep 2013 HILTI: Positive predictions for the second half of the year
02 Sep 2013 PRODUCERS & SUPPLIERS: Mixed results in the first half of this year
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