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EURO-CONSTRUCTII: Over 65 companies nominated for awards and trophies
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 27 Apr 2016 13:50
Scheduled to take place on May 24’TH 2016 at 8.00, the International Conference for Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency EURO-CONSTRUCTII, V-th edition, attended by more than 300 specialists of the industry, will open traditionally by a plenary session. Within that, specialists of the companies in the sector of construction and installation, the branch of carpentry and related fields, meet in Atlas Hall of Radisson Blu Hotel - Bucharest with architects, planners, officials of local and central authorities, members of professional organizations etc. to discuss interactively on various topics. Currently, Solicita informatii suplimentare at the publication date of this article, the program of the event is under development, but one of the already announced presentation will be made by the architect Dragos Ionut Arnautu, representative of the reputed and well-known Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt – Germany. The expert will present a paper on sustainability applied to architecture and architectural geometry, with a close link with the energy efficiency of buildings. All these issues of high interest will be addressed in the context of European political and geo-climatic context, with direct references to Romania. "I am glad to see that interest in the energy efficiency of buildings and sustainable architecture increases in Romania. I follow very closely the steps taken by the organizers of conferences EURO-CONSTRUCTII and EURO-FEREASTRA, in promoting the concepts of sustainable development and energy efficiency because they provide a good opportunity to inform the Romanian market actors, who meet annually to discuss this very complex issue. Moreover, I am an active member of this international movement that promotes sustainability in architecture and construction. At the same time, it gives me a great pleasure to get involved in various projects in Romania, on topics discussed during the course of the conference", said Dragos Ionut Arnăutu.
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