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Joi, 12 Decembrie 2019
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ISPE develops the design activity on the foreign markets
English Section Publicat de Adrian Agachi 05 Iul 2013 08:53
The Institute for Energy Studies and Design (ISPE), a company whose history links with the development of the energy system in our country, has been involved over the years in the design of all power plants in Romania, heating systems in large cities as well as high voltage lines and substations. ISPE copes successfully with the major impact of the economic crisis, which has blocked the major investments in the sector, through a series of measures aimed at increasing the mobility of its structure and at sizing its entities. Basically, in addition to the diversification of services and the engagement in new activities, such as ecological projects (air, water, soil), industrial and civil constructions, the attainment of documentation for the implementation of wind power plants and photovoltaic systems, as well as the offer of advice on energy and environment, ISPE has initiated partnerships on foreign markets. The company is involved in large projects, many of which are ongoing, developed in the large power plants from Romania (Turceni, Rovinari, Isalnita etc). We are speaking here about works on the rehabilitation of energy saving blocks of flats or projects which are aimed essentially at reducing the emissions discharged into the atmosphere, targeting the desulfurization of flue gases and the hydraulic outlet of the burned residue - slag and ash - in a "dense sludge" system. "Our environment department has been involved in major works - the storage of household waste, sewage treatment etc. Sometimes we covered topics that were not specific to the company, such as soil decontamination. Another new area that we exploited consisted in the attainment of the documents for the implementation of wind power plants and photovoltaic systems. Through the efforts of our company an ambitious national program was initiated in what concerns the CO2 capture and storage (CCS) of the flue gases discharged from the energy boilers. We hope that the program will begin at the end of this year", said Prof. Dr. Ing. Ioan Dan Gheorghiu, President and CEO of ISPE. The Institute also has a strong research department which offers consultancy to the government agencies on energy and environmental problems. For further information and a detailed analysis of the current Agenda Constructiilor issue click here
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