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ANALYSIS: Technical development - a process which knows no limits
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 30 Sep 2015 14:26
Direct manifestations of innovation are especially visible in new industrial fields, less dependent on prejudices induced by traditional solutions and methods specific to sectors which have a longer history. This is the case insulating fenestration, which has existed for only half a century (little more than two decades, Romania), but was able to impose at international level, thanks to outstanding performances provided on energy level. Regardless of materials and systems involved in modern window construction, all are subject to a constant process of improvement, which seems, at first glance, that will never end. The suppliers hardly compete in their approach to provide better solutions than competitors. This process is constructive and has immediate effects manifested by the emergence of often unexpected results, which have strong effects and impact on the entire industry. Passing over accelerated evolution of profile systems (regardless of the material they are made these), which led in recent years to a better thermal and acoustic performance and not taking into consideration the progress in glass packages, a lot of innovation have addressed to the ancillary areas of the industry. The performance of finished products would be impossible today without the impeccable organization of production, through platforms such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or similar products and the endeavor of building best thermal insulating joinery would be completely thwarted by a faulty installation process using unsuitable materials. Also, some advanced studies in constructions physics revealed ideas trully revolutionary, changing the principles of the placement of carpentry in relation to the goal of masonry. In this circumstances, technicians from the anchorages field are forced to face new challenges by developing of fitting systems perfectly adapted to current requirements, especially for the cases when the joinery is completely placed in the structure of the thermal insulating envelope, regardless the material used for the construction (EPS or mineral wool).
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