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Innovation is not enough to fight against the unfair competition
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 29 Iun 2016 10:28
There are few manufacturers that really put emphasis on compliance with the harmonized European standard EN 14351-1, which regulates the characteristics windows and interior doors without fire resistance and smoke properties. Except for companies that carry out export operations and are forced to apply all the requirements valid on EU area, as well as some more scrupulous entrepreneurs, most producers in the industry prefer now to apply the law of minimal resistance, taking from the suppliers the test results according to the so-called cascade system and forget or ignore to adapt the documents on their products. Relying also on the incompetence of the authorities responsible for control duties, many managers ignore the legislation and the mandatory checks of performance characteristics, ensuring a minimal windows compatibility with the intended use. Extremely damaging effect of such approach can be seen easily if are analysed the hardware systems which are equipping the windows/doors assemblies. The recession has brought with it a bad habit of improvisation, in an attempt to minimize the costs, ignoring the explicit security requirements. In these circumstances, the risks of serious misfortunes are growing exponentially, if taking into consideration only the possibility of breaking the scissor system which allows the tilting operation. Given the high weight of frames it is not difficult to imagine what disastrous effect can have such a fall over a person. It is abnormal that in an era where suppliers compete to provide improved solutions in terms of safety and security to exist “smart guys” which compromise the concept of thermal insulating joinery in the awareness of final users. Currently, is developing a solidarity between the most renowned international manufacturers of hardware systems, subordinated to the idea to counter this trend, manifested especially in countries with emerging economies, where the emphasis is mainly on price, and quality control is poor. This fight will be difficult, given that the markets are literally flooded with counterfeit products and the sanitation requires special efforts, including by financial point of view.
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