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NAUE: Complex and lawful solutions for the landfills
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 19 Dec 2014 15:09
Naue Romania maintained its financial indicators in 2014 within the same limits as in the previous year. The management of the company is skeptical in what concerns the high expectations from the Romanian market, as our country is passing through a long convalescence after a serious economic crisis that hit the construction sector and beyond. Thus, after a year when the construction sector shrank by about 15% over the previous financial year, reaching no more than 60% of the volume of the market in 2008, a stagnation or even a recession are likely on short term, especially considering the lack of a coherent program for public investment in the construction field and the difficulties, sometimes inexplicable, in accessing and absorbing EU funds. During 2014, Naue Romania answered to an increased demand for geosynthetic materials for landfill constructions. It is worth mentioning here the two major landfill projects where NAUE geosynthetics have been delivered, both part of the integrated waste management system in Iaşi. The first project aimed at the base sealing of a new landfill in Tutora town and was developed in parallel with the second one, the capping of the landfills which exhausted their storage capacity, located in Tomeşti and Târgu Frumos. It is equally worth mentioning the supply of geosynthetic materials for the extension of the landfills Ovidiu - Constanţa and Glina - Bucureşti, both projects continuing a long-term collaboration between Naue Romania and their operators. In the infrastructure field, the company delivered materials for the rehabilitation of the railway lines Micăsasa - Coşlariu and Vinţu de Jos - Coşlariu. Recently, Naue developed a new composite product, promoted under the name Secutex EDF and intended to use for vibration damping at the railway embankments, especially in the transition areas near bridges and tunnels. The product can be used for rehabilitation works, including the ones for tram lines.


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