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ANALYSIS: Sales of ceramic tiles and natural stone reached 350 million euro
English Section Publicat de Elena Icleanu 01 Mar 2016 17:19
Sales reported in 2015 on the Romanian sectors of ceramic tiles and natural stone rose by approximately 10% compared to 2014, confirming the estimates made by manufacturers and importers in early 2015. In the absence of some extensive research conducted with participation of all competitors (importers and manufacturers) the estimates of the managers on ceramic tiles market indicate a value of about 250 million euro on the entire product segment (for walls, floors, interior and exterior), of which the ceramic tiles interior would be placed at about 130 million euro in 2015, after a 10% increase compared to the 115 million euro reported by manufacturers in early 2015. Regarding the local market of natural stone, the whole market was valued at more than 50 million euro last year. The premises for the next period (2016-2020) remains on a growth trend in terms of both sectors covered (ceramic tiles, natural stone), but the pace is below the level estimated in 2015. Very few managers believe that those segments will see double digit increases over the next five years.
The Romanian market of ceramic tiles is dominated by imports. The main orders are due predominantly to residential, commercial and office projects, the growth estimates for the upcoming period being based on the statitics data for the Romanian construction sector in 2015. Given that finishing materials are purchased for the last stage of a project execution, an important indicator for this market is given by the statistics regarding the release of building permits. According to the latest data published by the National Statistics Institute (INS), in 2015 were issued 39,112 building permits for residential buildings, up to +3.8% compared to 2014. Demand in the field will be completed by orders from major developers of office buildings and shopping and logistics centers, seeing the fact that in 2016 is planned the delivery of a record area of over 700,000 sqm of office space, only in Bucharest.
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