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CLIMATIC changes positively influence the solar protection market
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 31 Iul 2016 08:50
The shading systems industry, which was positively influenced by seasonal factors, especially the climatic changes occurred lately, is closely related to fluctuations in the volume of construction works, which were diminished, at least in the first half of the current year. Thus, as in the windows and doors sector, because the domestic demand continues to be relatively low, the companies in this field remain geared towards export. However, the local supplies are relatively significant especially during the summer season, and the increased rate of acquisition, registered lately, resulted in a cost-effectively activity of the specialized companies (including manufacturers of joinery that can produce blinds and roller shutters etc.). Such a situation reflects that, despite a restructuring that would have brought an aggregation of supply, this area remains fragmented, with a large number of specialized companies, active in a market with of relatively low value. The producers try to present to the potential beneficiaries - currently, more informed – the advantages inherent to such products, which clearly enhances comfort/ privacy, solar control and, in many cases, contribute to increase the thermal or acoustic insulation performance. Moreover, the shading elements may be marketed only when customers are truly convinced of their necessity, only in few cases being reported that the intention to purchase is based primarily on reasons of design. The producers themselves exert a kind of market competition, recommending customers who already have thermal insulating joinery to change the existing IGU, through reflexive panels, which basically have similar functions to the detriment of shading systems. Consequently, the analyzed market is strongly dependent on the purchasing power of the population, despite the upward trend noted last year, demand continues to be polarized either on the purchase of high performance products with attractive design or on the installation of entry-level blinds and roller shutters with a low price and poorer quality.
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