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ANALYSIS: Increases of 3%-5% on the adhesives, mortars and floors markets
English Section Publicat de Elena Icleanu 17 Feb 2016 19:42
The Romanian market for adhesives and dry mortars, estimated at about 200 million euros per year, increased by 3%-5% last year compared to 2014, according to industry managers' opinions, especially due to renovation and rehabilitation projects, and as a result of the revival of the entire construction sector. According to the National Statistics Institute (INS), the volume of construction works increased by 10.2% in the first 11 months of 2015 as adjusted series, important developments being reported in repairs (+23.4%) and maintenance (+11%) and less in new construction works (+6.8%). Regarding flooring systems market (industrial, polyurethane etc.) - valued at about 40-50 million per year - it has progressed slightly in 2015, indicating a new trend in the field of customer preference for 3D decorative floors. For 2016, managers of the major companies providing adhesives, dry mortars and flooring systems indicate a possible slight increase in demand, given the enhancement of the national program for building refurbishment, announced and confirmed by the relatively high number of tenders published during the last months of 2015.
Currently, on the Romanian market of adhesives and dry mortars are active about 25 companies, both producers and importers), which achieved in 2014 a total turnover of 369 million euro, up by 2% from the level achieved in 2013 (which stands at 360 million euro). It must be said that the sum of the turnovers of the companies analyzed include revenues obtained also from other activities than the businesses with adhesives and dry mortars. However, calculations based on the financial data published on the portal of the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) in Romania confirms the evolution of 3%-5% indicated by the managers of the companies in the field.
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