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ANALYSIS: Optimal prospects for software, sealants and accessories suppliers
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 30 Sep 2015 13:41
Although originally constituted a relative hermetic specialization, in seven years of economic crisis and prolonged recession, software, sealants and accessories for joinery sectors have radically transformed, like the whole activity which they mainly address (production and assembly windows and doors). It is a fact that, despite some key macroeconomic optimum conditions in delivery of construction materials - in general - and of those categories of products or services - in particular - they have changed their visible characteristics, becoming again relatively difficult to  analyze. A positive factor, common to the three analyzed areas, is that, in 2013 and especially in 2014, more and more companies producing windows were strongly oriented towards exports, which boosted somewhat the sales of  companies which provide specific services or products. However, lack of transparency is now an undeniable reality, but it can not be attributed to specialized companies, but rather have a exogenous cause and, as mentioned earlier, is a consequence of rapid change, inevitable and, at least until now, irreversible which the market (of software, sealants and accessories, ranging from fasteners, gaskets, windows sills etc.) has registered. Consequently, if in the last year, characterized by a sustained growth in these segments, the activity was more profitable than the average pace and was easy to measure. Currently, the  fluctuating demand, the risk of not collecting the receivables, rapid changes in supply from competing companies, increasing competition to a level which can be defined as unfair, rather easily and rapidly reorienting of partners to other suppliers, with "better" prices are actually just a few of the problems of  those markets. As in 2014, trends for this year in the analyzed sectors continues to be volatile, single predominant  relatively uniform feature and being, as mentioned above, the development in a oligopolistic manner given by the relatively small number of specialized companies working in our country, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the existence of only a few companies which can afford to have a dominant position.
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