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The upward trend of the joinery industry continues
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 21 Iun 2016 10:15
After in the first six months in 2016 the local market of thermal insulating joinery was placed on an upward trend in sustainable conditions, in the second half of this year a similar tendency is almost a certainty. Thus, the managers of many companies in the industry choose to implement development initiatives, without neglecting the strategic issues generated by a sustained revival in demand. Moreover, the latest market research conducted for the Eastern European region - CEE (which includes the windows sector in Romania) are marked by a cautiously optimistic assessment and estimate a production rise until 2019. According to the latest research of Interconnection Consulting Group - Austria, if in the previous 12 months the joinery market in CEE (excluding Ukraine and Russia) was valued at 12.02 million window units – w.u., corresponding to sales of 1.86 billion euro, for 2019 forecasts indicate about 13.95 million w.u. and 2.25 billion euro. Restricting the area of analysis and concentrating only on Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, the institute estimates regarding the Austrian market are more optimistic because, from a level of 3.31 million w.u. and 460.8 million euro in 2015 and after a slight increase in quantity and value this year (to 3.48 million w.u. and 490.5 million euro), in 2019 will be reach the levels of about 3.92 million w.u. and 587.8 million euro. Thus, in quantitative terms, the growth rate CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) will be placed at 4.3% between 2015 and 2019, and the index value will be 6.3%. However, in relation to the Eastern European windows market (valued at 29.75 million w.u. and 3.78 billion euro in 2019), the reuniting Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria will represent 15.53%, the "lion's share" being associated with a much wider area - namely the Russian Federation and Ukraine (with a share of 40.51%). However, regardless of the analysts' estimates, the real growth of joinery supplies depends on several macroeconomic factors and specific ones, which do not depend on the actions of managers in the industry, so that the current forecasts could  be diverted.
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