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ALUMINUM systems - a market with a huge potential
English Section Publicat de Ovidiu Stefanescu 29 Mar 2017 08:40
The industry of architectural aluminum profiles seems to be fully recovered after a long recession, at least in its peak segment, dominated by high performance solutions, dedicated to projects with not compromising regarding the quality and where requirements for sustainability are very high. Also a strong impulse was received in recent years by special solutions such as those characterized by a high level of fire resistance, in the light of tightening the restrictions available in Europe on these particularly sensitive issues. Technological progress is visible in all major fields. The financial efforts are not insignificant to maintain a strong position on market and to propose the most advanced products innovation to partners and architects. Emulation is therefore still the keyword in an elitist market, where the added value added represents the main criterion. In this fruitful period for development of new products, it is natural for competitors to fully exploit every opportunity in sales and marketing that occurs at a particular time, to secure a favorable competitive position. International exhibitions are one such occasion which, lately, has been used to the full scale, with immediate effect in terms of the massive expansion of the product portfolio. If consider the major applications related to commercial real estate and office buildings, does not mean that the rest of works were neglected by suppliers. On the contrary, there is at a high interest in residential objectives, where, until recently, "games were made" by other categories are systems. Without record major structural changes in the market, however, it could be observed an obvious interest of grabbing a not insignificant market share including on this quite dynamic segment of activity which is, according to analysts, likely to massive growth in the period ahead, both for reasons of demographic and population mobility, urbanization, change perceptions of design etc. Therefore, will begin a fierce confrontation which the most beneficiaries will benefit.
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